What is World IA Day?

Our world is full of information. Whether we are using the latest mobile app, watching the local news or navigating our way through the post office or grocery store, information is all around us. Because of the ubiquitous nature of information, we see information architecture is not just practiced by specialists. Instead information is architected by people holding all sorts of titles, coming from all walks of life.

World Information Architecture Day 2016 is a one-day annual celebration of this phenomenon. Hosted in dozens of locations across the world by local organizers on February 20th, we focus on telling stories of information being architected by everyone from teachers to business owners; technologists to artists; designers to product managers.

With representation from all over the world, we believe that the power of similarity and the beauty of difference between stories will inspire those who work in information architecture, as well as those who may be new to it. We aim to teach, share, and have fun -- all through the lens of Information Architecture (IA).


We are a community of like-minded professionals and enthusiasts who share the common goal of teaching, learning, and shaping the future of IA. Our driving principles serve as the foundation both of the global gathering itself and of the local communities that grow from it.

  • We believe in community building. Our focus is on building local communities of practice within a global network. We recognize that our best chance at reaching our common goals is to foster participation from anyone who may benefit from a better understanding of Information Architecture. To this end, we hold an open-door policy that encourages our greater community to get involved. We hold open planning meetings that anyone may attend, get local businesses involved through targeted location sponsorship, and hold each other accountable for maintaining our spirit of inclusivity. Please read our Code of Conduct.


  • We believe in empowering leaders. We have a deep understanding that leaders are created when people are given permission to lead. We remember that we were all new once, and we make space for those that are new today to have the opportunity to succeed. Small or inexperienced communities are enthusiastically welcomed to hold locations, and we provide the support they need to flourish. First-time organizers, speakers,and volunteers are championed as the potential leaders who will carry our location in the future.


  • We believe in growing together. Humility is our cornerstone, and we recognize each of us as individuals, as well as the field of Information Architecture itself, always has room to grow. We share our thoughts, ideas, and work freely within a framework of openness, with the understanding that advancement depends on collaboration. The content we create is freely available to the public and we invite conversation around the work we’re doing. We seek opportunities to learn from those outside of the field, and ensure that everyone feels welcome to have their voice heard.


  • We believe in grassroots organizing. Our community was and continues to be grown from the bottom up. We’ve proven that participation can be achieved through humble means and determination, and that limited resources do not constrain our success. Our accomplishments are dependent on the hard work of volunteers and the generous donations of sponsors. Because we do not rely on luxury, our locations will always be open to anyone that can attend, and we will always put back into our community what we’ve been given.