Next February 20th, the 5th annual World IA Day will happen all over the world. World IA Day is an initiative of the Information Architecture Institute, a professional organization. World IA Day has the tradition of being an impressive day-long educational event and this tradition is only made possible thanks to sponsors. In return, we want our sponsor experiences to be equally memorable.

World IA Day is a great way to engage the information architecture community. Our attendees are spread equally across levels of experience. They include information architects, interaction designers, user experience consultants, academic staff, executives and students.

Based on our year-to-year growth, we estimate that over 5,000+ people will attend a World IA Day event in 2016. There is an even split between those who work inside client corporations and those who work for consultancies and agencies.

While we do have sponsorship tiers for both global and local sponsorship, it is important to keep in mind that these are only suggested levels. Our first priority is to find a level that works for your own company or organizational goals. If you have another idea in mind, let's talk about it. We're committed to a positive sponsorship experience.


To run a free, global event, we need to:

  • Host worldiaday.org
  • Provide assistance to those locations who lack the resources to secure a free venue, audio and visual support, and other essential event needs.
  • Issue certificates of event insurance to those venues that require it
  • Make our content properly accessible for the purposes of archiving and sharing with the world

To make it truly first-rate, we seek:

  • Quality live streaming video and fast wifi at all locations
  • To provide 5000+ people a cup of tea or coffee and a snack
  • A high quality introduction video translated into each local language that will unite all the locations under one common theme