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Welcome To World IA Day Tampa Bay! We are so excited our day is finally here. Our live feed will begin at 9:00 AM




Feb 20, 2016 at Tampa Preparatory School

8:15 AM  Check-In 

Registered attendees will have until 8:45 to check-in and claim their spot. Please be prompt if you want to keep your seat!


8:45 AM  Check-In Waiting List

We will open up unclaimed seats on a first come first serve basis to those registered on our waiting list.


9:00 AM - Welcome & Introductions

Amy Espinosa will kick off our 2nd annual World IA Day celebration. 


9:30 AM - Opening Keynote, Richard Saul Wurman LIVE VIDEO FEED from our sister city Miami )

As a participating city, we have had the opportunity to communicate with city leaders around the world. The global IA community has an amazingly supportive and collaborative spirit and this year we intend to celebrate our connectedness by sharing speakers with another city. 

You won't want to miss this talk!


10:20 AM Information Everywhere, Personas EverywhereRob Vanasco, Content Strategist, World IA Day Tampa Bay

An exploration into how goal directed design can change the way we work towards information architecture solutions and create delightful experiences in our cities.


10:35 AM  How Future Cities Will Bring Us Closer to Nature Ana C. Benatuil, Architect & Urbanist Entrepreneur 

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, in the next two decades it will grow to 70%, facing unprecedented challenges. Meanwhile, more than 90% of data in the world was created in the last two years, increasing 10 times by 2020.

Cities are becoming less about the physical environment and more about the flow of information. Technology has the potential to transform the way we understand, visualize and interact with our physical environment, advancing in such a way that it will essentially disappear, bringing us closer to nature rather than driving us apart.

Ana BenatuilOriginally from Venezuela, Ana is passionate about the convergence of cities and technology to solve the challenges that affect our environment, infrastructure and quality of life. Ana won the Global Impact Competition in Miami that led her to the Global Solutions Program at Singularity University at NASA in Silicon Valley 2015. After her summer at Singularity University, Ana realized that technology has the potential to transform the way we understand, visualize and  interact with our physical environment and is now creating a future where buildings become wellness generators for cities rather than objects consuming our natural resources.


Break (10 min.)


11:15 AM  The Maps We Live In -  Andrew Hinton, Information Architect & User-Experience Strategy Consultant

Like fish who take water for granted, people often overlook how language is a critical part of their infrastructure. We use language to help us make sense of our towns and cities — but it can surprise us just how much the places we live are made of language itself. 

Understanding how language is infrastructure is even more important now, with the explosion of mobile, cross-channel, and blended environments, across entire service experiences and touch points. The language we use as infrastructure is the information we use for architecture.

Andrew Hinton

Andrew is a deeply respected thought leader in the IA community. He participated in the founding of the IA Institute and wrote the "manifesto" that has helped shape the practice of information architecture. Noted in Wikipedia as a second generation influencer, he has contributed to several books and has lectured around the world. His latest book, Understanding Context was released in December of 2014 and offers a powerful toolset for grasping and solving the challenges of contextual ambiguity. Andrew has a way of making difficult concepts easy to understand. His talks are engaging, thought provoking, and practical. We assure you, it will be well worth your time.


12:15 PM - Lunch

We will have a food truck on site for your convenience. We will announce in early Feb.


1:45 PM  Collaborative Workshop

Jeanine Lyons and Amy Espinosa lead a hands-on experience that will give you an opportunity to apply concepts presented by our speakers and channel your inner IA.

Our workshop this year will explore how information can be architected to positively impact our cities. We will examine how information can challenge us to look through a different lens when we consider how we travel, how we engage with natural environments, and how we interact with each other.

You will leave with practical strategies to:

  • Leverage Empathy Maps and Personas to keep the design of products and services focused on the people who use them.
  • Use ideation and ranking techniques to generate possibilities and practice collaborative decision-making.
  • Create Storyboards to pitch ideas to stakeholders. 


4:00 PM   Closing

Amy Espinosa will close the day and make a special announcement about World IA Day 2017.


Happy Hour Immediately Following

Once our crew cleans up, we will join you for drinks and networking. Location will be announced during closing.



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