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World IA Day San Francisco

World IA Day is coming to San Francisco for the very first time. This year's theme is 'Information Everywhere, Architects Everywhere'. We have a great lineup of speakers and look forward to your enthusiastic participation.

The registration and waitlist is now closed. We may open these up in case of any cancellations. All attendees are requested to please adhere to the World IA Day Code of Conduct.

DATE: February 20, 2016 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

VENUE: General Assembly, 225 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94104


We also plan to live stream the event from San Francisco on YouTube. We are excited to have you join us on 


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8:00 am:  Breakfast and Registration

8:45 am:  Opening Remarks

9:00 am:  Keynote - Jorge Arango, Futuredraft

Architects Everywhere

Architecture is everywhere. Look around you: The place in which you are reading these words has an architecture, and somebody designed it. Less obviously, the website, app, and operating system through which these words reach your eyes also have architecture — and this is one which “you” can design.

As we gather to celebrate the 5th World IA Day, we will ponder the question: In what sense is our work "architecture"? In this presentation, you will learn:
- What we mean by "architecture" in IA.
- How being conscious of the impact of architectural decisions can help you design products that can grow and adapt to changing needs.
- How you can design more effective architectures

9:45 am:  Janaki Kumar, SAP Labs

Drowning in Data, and Starving for Insight? - Design Thinking to the Rescue!

Businesses today are undergoing a digital transformation and have access to more data than they ever did before. Yet simply having access to all this data is not enough to deliver business value. Typically, there is still someone on the other end of all that data who needs to make sense of it. In this talk Janaki Kumar will introduce Design thinking a structured process of creativity and innovation that she and her team use to make sense of big data. She will share stories from her customer engagements where she was able to transform the user experience through design.

10:30 am:  Thu-Ha Nguyen, Slalom

Drive Your Stakeholders to Consensus - Simple, insightful tips to facilitate your next stakeholder meeting

Collecting information, discovering new solutions and defining product architecture in a group setting can be a challenge. So, how do you effectively facilitate a stakeholder meeting and lead the group to consensus? This presentation will concentrate on showing you a handful of proven techniques that you can use in your next meeting or group discovery session.

11:00 am:  Slalom Panel Discussion: Thu-Ha Nguyen, Maxwell Smith, Shane Reisman, and Jillion Crawford

Where the Rubber Meets the Road - Panel discussion focusing on the real-world, multi-disciplinary approach to product solutions

Come share your questions, thoughts and ideas in this open forum discussion with the experts from the premiere Palo Alto based consulting firm, Slalom: Silicon Valley. A deeply experienced cross-section of panel experts will represent disciplines from User Experience to Organizational Effectiveness to Product Management. These experts will engage in a live Q&A session with the audience. Come prepared with your questions, thoughts and insights into what works and what needs improvement when multiple facets of an organization must work together towards one common goal. 

11:30 am:  Lunch (on your own)

1:00 pm:  MJ Broadbent, GE Digital

The Value of Interconnectedness at Industrial Scale

When we think of the many roles smartphones play in our everyday lives or how cars are evolving into autonomous communication and navigation platforms, the same type of revolution is happening in industry. Connected devices and industrial-scale machines are enabling entirely new experiences through the information they collect and the intelligence that information can provide. Airlines reduce fuel burn, flight delays and cancellations; railways achieve increases in network velocity; wind farms raise energy output and profitability; hospitals deliver better healthcare at lower costs; and interconnected lighting becomes a city’s nervous system, delivering cost savings, greater eco-sustainability and a better quality of life. In this talk, get an inside look at how designers at GE are harnessing these innovations to create the Industrial Internet by connecting minds with machines. 

1:30 pm:  Skip Allums, PayPal

Swipe, dip or tap? Designing trustworthy mobile payment experiences

The nature of money is evolving, and UX practitioners are facing tough design challenges in the financial space, especially where mobile devices have become tools for banking and paying. Consumers expect simplicity, security and speed. For any experience that involves personal and financial information, the slightest UX misstep will raise doubt in users’ minds. This talk will explain how our mental models around new commerce experiences are influenced by our long history with money as an artifact. You’ll learn tips for creating meaningful mobile payment interactions that feel effortless and inspire confidence.

2:15 pm:  Abi Jones, Google

How we talk and how machines listen - The structure of discourse in Human-Computer Interaction 

Abi Jones compares human-to-human and human-computer conversation and interaction, introducing you to the conversational machines in your life and those to come. Learn what makes for great human-computer speech interaction from the first turn to the last, how computers interpret speech, and why it’s more enjoyable and addictive to talk to a 1960s chatbot than most intelligent assistants available today.

3:00 pm:  Break

3:15 pm:  JD Vogt, Salesforce

Architecting the Ecosystem

Salesforce's business is immense data, and it's the UX team's goal to make this consumable. The UX team has a process of understanding our customers, creating designs that allow the summarization of data, and navigation frameworks to dive into the fine details. We have many different lenses to view the Salesforce data: desktop, S1 mobile, plugins like on Outlook. The UX designs become embodied in a living style guide: the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS). Our engineering departments can get high quality designs that are implementable in code, and prototyping can show workflows, animations, and states.

3:45 pm:  Amy Lee, Salesforce

Designs in Motion: Prototyping Salesforce's IA

Part of figuring out the architecture is building prototypes. UI state and animation are very hard things to look at in flatland; you need to experience things in time. The Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) has states, but nothing is like actually personally experiencing it. Prototyping is a tool to aid design decisions, and validate our research. The talk will also include demos and some references to animation.

4:15 pm:  Christian Crumlish, 7 Cups of Tea

Making Products out of Information

The theories, methods, and techniques of information architecture have a way of reconstituting themselves in times of need. Variously addressing the challenges of information about spaces, maps and visual representation of information, structures for organizing and accessing information, menus for websites, frameworks for social environments, and -- most recently -- organizing principles for products, IA has a way of making itself useful in the info-permeated work we do today. Christian will address how he applies information architecture to the tasks of designing, building, and managing a digital product.

5:00 pm:  Closing and Raffle


The 5th anniversary of World IA Day happens to coincide with O’Reilly’s publication of Information Architecture, Fourth Edition, by Peter Morville, Lou Rosenfeld, and Jorge Arango. To make this the best World IA Day yet, O'Reilly Media and the organizers of World IA Day have coordinated for a special gift; we're making this seminal book available to all World IA Day participants for free; simply download your free copy here. (You’ll also find a 40% discount on the print edition.) And feel free to share this link with any fellow World IA Day attendees (and IA enthusiasts who are unable to attend the event).

Here’s to a great World IA Day, and enjoy the new Polar Bear Book.


Jorge Arango, Partner at Futuredraft

Jorge Arango is an information architect with 20 years of experience designing digital products and services. He's a partner in Futuredraft, a digital design agency based in Oakland, CA. Jorge has served the global UX community as president and director of the Information Architecture Institute and as managing editor of Boxes and Arrows magazine. He is also one of the co-authors of "Information Architecture for the Web and Beyond" the fourth edition of O'Reilly's celebrated "polar bear" book.

Janaki Kumar, VP and Head of Design and Co-Innovation Center at SAP Labs

Janaki Kumar is the VP and Head of Design and Co-Innovation Center in SAP Labs Palo Alto. She is passionate about delivering innovation by combining business and technology strategy with customer experience design. She is a thought leader in nurturing creative cultures in organizations, and design in the enterprise.

She is an empathetic leader committed to building, coaching and inspiring design teams. Under her leadership, the team has won multiple design awards including the Gold award for Best Enterprise Experience in 2014 and Red Dot award in 2015.

She is the co-author of the book, Gamification at Work – Designing Engaging Business Software. She was a speaker at a TEDx conference in 2014. She has authored 20 intellectual property patent applications of innovative user experiences. Janaki has a Masters in Information Systems from Boston University, and was in the Executive Leadership Program at Stanford University.

Thu-Ha Nguyen, Solution Principal at Slalom

Thu-Ha has been passionately creating collaborative, forward-thinking experiences for over 20 years. In her current role as Experience Design Practice Leader, Thu-Ha brings her extensive creative abilities, vast knowledge of product design, unparalleled work ethic and exemplary leadership skills to bear for Slalom Consulting's Silicon Valley practice. She leads her team and clients to create compelling, human-centric and targeted brand experiences for the largest companies in the world. With an ever-growing roster of tier 1 clients like Apple, AT&T, CBRE, GoPro, Visa and VMware, she is proud to represent the burgeoning culture of new Women Leaders in Silicon Valley who are elevating the story of female executives in tech.

Thu-Ha is also a recipient of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences highest honour, the EMMY award for excellence in her field. She currently enjoys the thrills of work in Silicon Valley and life on the beaches of Half Moon Bay.

Specialties: Leadership, Mentorship, User Experience, Story Telling, Facilitation, Thinking Out of the Box

MJ BroadbentDesign Director at GE Digital

As a Design Director at GE Digital, MJ leads a team creating intelligent solutions that connect people, data and machines via Predix, GE’s Industrial Internet platform. Over the past 25 years her design leadership and creative expertise benefited organizations including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The College Board, Johnson & Johnson, The McGraw-Hill Companies (including Standard & Poor’s), Pfizer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Sony Electronics, and the United Nations, among others.

MJ is also a leader for IxDA: She organized NYC event programming 2008-2010, co-chaired Interaction11, served as Treasurer on the Board of Directors 2011-2014, and is now chairing the Interaction Awards.

Skip Allums, Design Lead at PayPal

Skip Allums is a Design Team Lead for PayPal, and author of Designing Mobile Payment Experiences (O'Reilly, 2014). He's worked with some of the world's largest financial institutions (Visa, Capital One) to create next generation payment and banking interactions.

Abi Jones, Design Lead at Google

Abi Jones is a designer at Google. She spent the last five years with Google Search and recently joined the Google Fiber team. Abi spends her 20% time experimenting with voice interfaces, leading sprints, and designing applications for developing economies. Outside of Google she writes the comic Dear Future.

JD VogtDesign Architect at Salesforce

JD Vogt is a Design Architect at Salesforce and the UX lead for the Salesforce Lightning Experience where he focuses on ecosystem design, information retrieval and interaction patterns. His previous work has included clients such as National Geographic, NASA,  and JetBlue. JD has a MS in HCI from Carnegie Mellon and a BA in Music Theory/Composition from the University of Wisconsin ~ Eau Claire. He's also learning to bake apple pies.

Amy LeeSenior Manager, User Interface/User Experience at Salesforce

Amy has been working with big data and information architecture problems since college. She seeks to make complex workflows understandable through interface design, animation, and alternate input methods including as sensors. Her latest projects involve the Salesforce Lightning Design System and leading the UX prototyping team.

Christian Crumlish, Head of Product at 7 Cups of Tea

Crumlish leads product and design teams to deliver amazing cross-channel experiences. He is head of product at 7 Cups of Tea. He is also an advisor to Mainstreets, Inc. (makers of favr), a mentor at Code for America, and he co-chairs the monthly BayCHI program

He was director of product at CloudOn, director of messaging products for AOL, curator of the Yahoo design pattern library, and a director of the Information Architecture Institute.

He is the author of the bestselling The Internet for Busy People, and The Power of Many, and co-author of Designing Social Interfaces, with a second edition in press.

He has spoken at BarCamp, BayCHI, South by Southwest, the IA Summit, Ignite, Web 2.0 Expo, PLoP, IDEA, Interaction, WebVisions, the Web App Masters Tour, the Italian IA Summit, UX Lisbon, MobileCamp Chicago (remote track), UX Israel Live, and at Web Directions South (Sydney), East (Tokyo), and @media (London).


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