Ottawa, Canada

Parliament Hill in Ottawa

On February 20th, 2016, join us for a day of talks focused on the theory and practice of Information Architecture at 150 Elgin St, Ottawa.

You’ll come away with some fresh ideas about topics like usability testing, faceted search, and even the culinary arts, and you'll get to make some new connections with fellow members of Ottawa’s design, tech comm, and UX community.

Coffee, tea, and a light lunch will be provided.


Cody's Cafe at Shopify
Cody's Cafe at Shopify

The event will be hosted at Cody's Cafe, in Shopify's beautiful Ottawa headquarters.


Sarah Folkes // Information Architect, Systemscope
Christina Leclerc // UX Designer, Systemscope

Rock 'em sock 'em usability: in the ring with IA testing

"What fighting robots can teach you about the value of testing your IAs, and how usability testing shines a spotlight on the internal battles that happen within project teams. Knock out the notion of usability testing as a throwaway task, and learn the practical and strategic benefits of testing your information architecture."

Alëna Iouguina // UX Researcher, Shopify

Evolutionary biology: Lessons for IA

"Nature holds many lessons on how and why information is processed, stored, and applied to living and synthetic objects, processes, and systems. We'll discuss these lessons and how they can inform the future of information architecture."

Dave Newton // Front End Developer, Shopify

Knowledge translation and information architecture

"Knowledge Translation is a process, common in health care research, that aims to effectively disseminate information to relevant stakeholders. In this talk I’ll look at how Knowledge Translation models can inform and be applied to the web, and how this might influence a site’s information architecture."

Allen Pink // Director, Web Renewal, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Gil Côté // Chief of Usability Performance, Web Renewal, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Peter Smith // IA Lead, Web Renewal, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Towards a user centred IA for

"So how do you consolidate 100s of sites, 91 organizations and millions of pages into one site, while improving overall user experience? In our talk, we will cover how we engaged stakeholders, tackled scale and used evidence to create a single window for government services on"

Jane Stewart // Consultant, Aboutness

Implementing Faceted Search: Theoretically Elegant, Practically Perplexing (or "Why IAs Need to Know Math")

"Filtered search interfaces are ubiquitous online, but there are many challenges to designing them effectively, at both the front and back ends. A brief history of the theory of facets, and a practical guide for avoiding common pitfalls when implementing filters."

Kerry Surman // Professor, Technical Communication, Algonquin College

IA: Compromises, Combinations, and Clean-Up

"Arrive at a richer understanding of the nuances of IA as you approach a culinary task with considerations of scope, time, and its essential nature. Your pantry will never look the same way again."

Dana Tessier // Director of Knowledge Management, Shopify

Using IA to get at your most valuable information: the voice of your customer

"Information overload is a common problem and it can affect all areas of the business - even information pertaining to your customers. In this talk, I will discuss how we organized our customer conversations and then used this structure to organize our support documentation to provide the right information, at the right time."