Manila, Phillippines

World Information Architecture Day - Manila

*Visit the World IA Day Manila website, for more information.

Listen to real-life challenges and advice for organizing and architecting information in the Philippines - whether it's the userflow of an e-commerce platform or qualitative data for a social welfare project. 


Venue and Community Partner:


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5th Floor Twin Cities Building, 110 Legazpi Village, Makati City



February 20, 2016 (Saturday) - 10:00AM

Schedule will be shared in the days leading up to the event.


Recognizing Useful Design in the Philippines

We invited local practitioners from different fields (Design, Data, Development and Content) to share how they work on their widely-used projects. 

We often read about experts abroad who apply IA and UX in their work, but it would also be uniquely helpful to see how these processes are applied locally, and to talk to the Filipinos who are making their own progress (or facing their own challenges) in trying to improve the services and products that we use.


Speaker List for World IA Day Manila


World IA Day Manila is for a community who wants to learn from each other; from how different fields manage the streams of information they encounter day-to-day, so please bring an open mind and a healthy willingness to share what you know, too. 

The Philippines is full of technical talent, and World IA Day Manila is a venue where we can discuss how to put that talent to good use.  

World IA Day Manila is organized by

Priority Studios, a design research consultancy

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Angela Obias

I started out as a quantitative market researcher, then discovered that I loved qualitative and media research. 

Because I really enjoyed the projects on media platforms and digital usage, I founded and grew the Interaction Design and User Experience team in our company, the Philippines' largest media network.  After that, I did digital and brand strategy for the agency side.

I now run Priority Studios (a design research consultancy) with my co-organizer, B Tuban.  We do interaction design and research work, mostly for transactional website and apps - such as e-commerce and FinTech projects.  Message us at for any inquiries.