Johannesburg, South Africa


WORLD IA DAY, Johannesburg

20 FEBRUARY 2016 / 09H00 - 16H00 / UJ FADA AUDITORIUM

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(You can read full speaker bio’s further down)


09h00 - Registration / tea / networking

09h30 - Jason Hobbs

“The State of IA”

10h00 - Flávia Lacerda

“Pervasive Information Architecture: designing information  ecosystems for the Internet of Things”

10h45 - Tea, coffee & mingling

11h15 - Sebabatso Mtimkulu

“The new age cross-functional team”

12h00 - Ray Whitcher

“How comic books taught me physics”

12h45 - Rob Enslin

“Collaborative IA: Stakeholders are Architects too”

13h00 - Phew! Lunch break

14h00 - Stephen Hobbs

“The user experience of public art in Johannesburg”

14h45 - Nicholas Hobson

“Condescension in Design”

15h00 - Lindi Maritz

“When the information went missing, where did the architects go?”

15h15 - Rob Cowie

“It all falls apart: IA entropy”

15h30 - Global sponsor giveaways

15h45 - Tea, coffee & mingling

16h00 - UX Town Hall

Chaired by Rob Turner

An open, interactive “town hall” session to explore the formation of a UX body to support the community of practice in South Africa.

16h45 - Thanks / wrap-up




Jason Hobbs

Jason is director of Human Experience Design and Firma. He lectures part-time at the University of Johannesburg and conducts his academic research through the same institution. Jason has presented extensively at international and local conferences, conducts workshops and training and has been building the UX community of practice in South Africa since 2005 through the formation of the SA UX Forum and associated meet-ups and events. Mostly recently he was elected to serve on the board of the IA Institute as Director of Education.

Flavia Lacerda


Ph.D in Information Science, research area Information Architecture (2011-2015) at University of Brasilia, Brazil, with a five months internship at Jonkoping, Sweden. Supervisors: Mamede Lima-Marques and Andrea Resmini. Specialist in Information Technology Management (2008), master in Information Science, research area Information Architecture (2003-2005), and degree in IS also (1994-1999), all at University of Brasilia.


Director of the Capacity Building Institute of the Brazilian Court of Audit (2015 - today). It's a corporate university focused on training and knowledge management ( We coordinate also a Committee for Capacity Building of Latin American and the Caribbean SAIs ( One of the main areas of the university is the Centre for Research and Innovation (, where we do projects in colaboration with other universities and networking with innovation labs like Nesta ( One of our main goals is applying Design Thinking methodologies to solve complex problems in government. Another is acting in smart government initiatives in Brazil, promoting events and training (

Stephen Hobbs

Through an extended practice of urban investigation and experimentation, focused particularly on Johannesburg since 1994, Hobbs has sustained a dialogue with urban space through video, installation, special curated projects and an interrelated approach to photography and sculpture. Hobbs’ particular fascination with the conflicted social and political changes in Johannesburg has resulted in numerous observations on the precarious state of cities undergoing radical physical change.

Stephen Hobbs graduated from Wits University with a BAFA in 1994. He was the curator of the Market Theatre Galleries (Johannesburg) from 1994 to 2000. Since 2001, he has co-directed the artist collaborative and public art specialist – The Trinity Session, The Gallery Premises (closed 2008) at the Joburg Theatre, and since 2004 has co-produced a range of urban and network focused projects, with Marcus Neustetter, under the collaborative name Hobbs/Neustetter.


Sebabatso Mtimkulu

Sebabatso Mtimkulu is the Founder and Owner of Joy to use Pty (Ltd), a User Experience (UX) Consulting and Training.Sebabatso brings to every project solid and practical UX knowledge, with proven ability to solve difficult interaction problems through the application of the User-Centred Design (UCD) methodology.

With a Masters Degree in Information Technology, specifically focusing on Human-Computer Interaction, Sebabatso has over a period of time sharpened the skill of making certain that projects meet business objectives, while delivering meaningful and joyful experiences to its intended users.

Her experience spans across a wide variety of industries, with a differentiated and strong immersion in the Financial Services sector. She is currently consulting as a Design Lead at Standard Bank Group Mobile.  

Prior projects span from clients such as: Discovery, Momentum, Stanlib, Liberty, BancABC, Alexandra Forbes and others.

She has recently added another skill set to her resume, and that is, being a mom to a 10 month old baby girl, and as you can imagine, that has been the most challenging, yet fulfilling User Experience project thus far.

Ray Whitcher

Ray is the strange fellow in the room that you’d always assume is either arty or a maniac, neither being too far from the truth. When not reading comics en masse, writing nearly intelligible academic papers or drawing, he lectures in Multimedia Design at Greenside Design Center College in Jo’burg. He has a cat named Waffle and a hamster named Smudge and does not regret those names at all and lives in Fairland with his lovely wife Chanel, muse to the muses.


Rob Enslin

When I introduce myself to people, in a work (design) context, I often talk about having the responsibility of making the products I design human friendly. That usually means spending a lot of time talking to people - the project team, stakeholders and end-users. These days I use my design knowledge and experience to talk about design, our approach, process and methods, and how we'll architect a solution that meets our needs. (business, customers/users and technology). I'm the Experience Design Lead and Consultant at ThoughtWorks Pan-Africa, an Agile software design and development firm, and I help shape, execute, coach and evaluate design work.


Lindi Maritz

Lindi Maritz completed her graduate degree in Multi Media design with a first class pass. During her graduate degree she was nominated, and placed third, for the SABS Design Achiever awards. With the design and development of “Mysisterskin”, a safe sex package developed for women who love women she placed in the finals. The opportunity and the “hands on, minds on and hearts on” mantra of Design Achievers dramatically fuelled and changed her passion for not only social responsible design, but also visual research. Consequently she furthered her studies at the University of Pretoria and completed her Honours in Visual Studies, specialising in digital culture and queer studies. Lindi is in the process of advance her studies in the discourse through a Master’s Programme and research endeavours.

With an intimate and long standing passion for the community and design Lindi is actively involved in collaborative projects with creative’s to produce visual artefacts which are not only innovative, beautiful and significant but also challenge social and cultural norms. It is this passion and critical engagement with the environment which she carries through in her personal and professional work.


Social media scares her! But you can still find her here:

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Rob Cowie

With over ten years of experience in UX design, I still enjoy solving complex problems for clients using a combination of technical skills and creative thinking. I currently lead the User Experience and Design team at Discovery Health, where the culture of innovation and speed to market continue to amaze me. I’m obsessed with trying to simplify complex systems, and enjoy spending my time in various creative pursuits. I believe in the truth that “Even if it’s delivered on time and on budget, a new product will fail if it does not meet customer needs”.


Rob Turner

Rob is a graphic designer who began his training at the Vaal Triangle Technikon, honed his skills through an Honours degree programme at the Greenside Design Center, and sharpened his teeth through a series of design agencies. He has a passion for anything digital, which has as a result, led him to break into the New/Multimedia design arena. He is subsequently completing a master’s degree in digital interactive arts through the University of the Witwatersrand. He is particularly interested in interactive design, and specializes in physical, or human computing, which is an area of interactive design that explores that potential of human/computer interactions that do not require the use conventional digital inputs such as keyboards and mouse.



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